• Attracts new patients
  • Tracks ROI results
  • Enhances website development, measurements & analytics
  • Leverages digital & social media presence
  • Optimizes scheduling & tracking
  • Manages online reputation & social media

Information Technology

Field Operations

  • Hands-on Support provided by Dedicated Regional Managers
  • Routine Visits to offices to provide assistance
  • Daily Email and Phone Communications
  • Training and Continued Education for Employees & Clinical Staff
  • Onboarding for technology and systems

Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Helps with recruiting and hiring needs
  • Assists with staff scheduling
  • Provides employee performance evaluation program
  • Offers coaching and development to clinical team and support staff
  • Provides benefits administration (401K, health insurance, etc.)
  • Offers continuing education opportunities
  • Assists with insurance credentialing process

Payroll Accounting

Payroll & Accounting

  • Processes vendor checks and invoice management
  • Monitors collections and other KPI indicators for practice growth
  • Reports & tracks all financial data for each practice

Career Advancement

Career Advancement (Advanced Dental Learning Center)

  • Provides continuing education & learning opportunities
  • Offers the knowledge you need to advance your career


Facilities Operations

Facilities & Repairs

  • Performs routine maintenance & upkeep on your existing building and equipment
  • Negotiates the acquisition, lease, construction, or design on your existing practice facility
  • Improves practice aesthetics

Supply Management

Supply Management

  • Coordinates vendor accounts
  • Streamlines supply order process
  • Passes on bulk-order savings